We are very excited and happy to announce starting from February 24th we will be having Tai Chi Sessions in Village Hall every Monday from 10.00am until 11.00am. These Tai Chi Sessions are being taught be the Ninja Granny – Kath Revell.

Cost: £7 per 1 hour session.

What is Tai Chi?
Tai chi is a gentle, slow-motion martial art from China. It has three main strands to it: it is a form of meditation in movement, it is an exercise that enhances well-being, and it is a martial art. It has a long, rich history and many layers so you never stop learning when you start Tai chi.

What are the benefits of Tai chi?

Tai chi is beneficial to your health on many levels, mental, physical and emotional. The slow, soft movements relax the body and calm the mind, providing relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia. Moving slowly improves balance and strengthens the legs – there is an old Chinese saying “strong legs, strong body”. With improved posture and joint mobility comes relief from aches and pains.

Central to Tai chi is the concept of “Qi” (pronounced Chi), which means life force or energy. Practising Tai chi develops and enhances your Qi, which has a beneficial effect on your whole being, improving your resistance to disease and increasing your vitality.

No need to book or reserve, just come along and pay on the day.